jon thompson

MAR 26 2013

A New Beginning

So here we are again. A new year, a new website with a new look. Perhaps this will be the year when I actually manage to keep it up to date.

So what's the story this time?

Well, I'm going to try to use this site as an online portfolio-type thing. I've got a lot of pictures kicking about on the home PC, and I'm loathe to upload them to somewhere like Facebook or Flickr, where you can never be certain if you're signing away your images or not.

I've got this website here, and it's doing nothing at the moment, so I thought hey, why not put it to some use. The hardest part of all this was actually coming up with a design I liked. I reckon I've gone through three or four complete redesigns before I settled on this one. All hand-coded in NetBeans as well.

The site is a work-in-progress at present. I don't have the time to devote to a complete, all-in-one rewrite of everything. So instead I'm just coding the parts I'm using as I go along. That's why the only bits that work so far are the images page and the blog page. The other bits will be done as and when I need to use them, which is probably the most efficient use of time, although it may make the site look a bit half-arsed.

There are already a bunch of old pictures added to the site - go take a look at them on the images page if you haven't already. Sorry but no comments system or anything like that. If I do decide to add one, then it'll be an authenticated system, probably using Facebook Auth to be able to comment on something. It won't stop the comment spam altogether, but it'll hopefully discourage it a bit.